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AC Maintenance

Did you know AC manufacturer's publish the maintenance they require for their equipment? Read below to discover why you should hire a professional to perform the yearly maintenance.

Discover why you should hire a professional to perform yearly maintenance...

Restricted Air Flow

An A/C Professional can minimize restricted air flow during maintenance from identifying causes such as dirty filters, closed vents, leaky ducts, or a malfunctioning blower motor. Proper air flow across the coil helps transfer the heat out of your home.

Electrical Components

A professional can identify electrical components that are at risk of malfunctioning which leads to an emergency service call and an AC outage. Identifying and replacing a weak electrical component before it fails can prevent more expensive repairs later on.

Refrigerant Balance

A/C Manufacturer's list out specifications for their brand with regards to refrigeration. A true professional will balance the A/C to these specifications to ensure proper system efficiency. The right tools assist in balancing refrigeration, so make sure your technician has a sound understanding of these measurements such a sub-cooling and superheating.

Mechanical Components

Properly functioning compressors and motors ensure you do not have hefty repairs. A sound compressor is important to minimize electricity cost, the proper heat is transferred out of your home, and a new compressor can cost a thousand dollars. 

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